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  • Released: April 20, 2011
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  • ISBN-13: 9781118068441

Facing foreclosure? You need to do three things: stop worrying about why this has happened to you; resolve to fight the foreclosure and save your home; and read Foreclosure Self-Defense For Dummies. It delivers the knowledge, strategies, and tactics you’ll need to take command of your situation and achieve the best possible outcome.This practical, no-nonsense guide helps you size up your options and increase your chances of saving your home. You’ll find out how to delay foreclosure, form a plan of attack, negotiate solutions with your lender, and restore your financial health. You’ll also find field-tested strategies for dodging the foreclosure trap, getting out from under a house you really can’t afford, and finding help where you might least expect it. Discover how to:Regain your emotional composureConfront your foreclosure head-onProtect your rightsAssess your situation and weigh your optionsTouch base with key people who can help youStop the financial bleedingTeam up with your lender to find solutionsWork out a refinancing deal with another lenderAvoid quick-fix schemes and scamsCash out before it’s too lateRecover from foreclosureRe-establish your creditComplete with a handy cheat-sheet to help you keep your most important tasks in the front of your mind Foreclosure Self-Defense for Dummies gives you the moral support, commonsense guidance, and expert advice you need to make the best of this difficult situation.

Released: April 20, 2011

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by Ralph R. Roberts, Lois Maljak, Paul Doroh, Joseph Kraynak

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