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    February 14, 2014
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A detailed study guide that guarantees a high LSAT scoreIf you thought you left standardized tests back in high school, think again. LSAT For Dummies, 2rd Edition is an all-inclusive study guide arming you with tips and know-how for your next career move. This updated edition includes three full-length practice tests, a review of foundational concepts for every section, thorough explanations, and additional practice problems for all question types. Whether you're taking the LSAT for the first time or the third time, this book will provide the guidance and skill set you need to obtain a score that reflects your abilities. Instead of facing the process alone, turn to the trusted For Dummies brand for proven test-taking strategies and ample practice opportunities.Ideal for those who want to break into this increasingly competitive field, in which a high score on the LSAT lends prospective lawyers an undeniable advantageExamines every topic and common pitfalls covered in the test, which consists of five 35-minutes sections of multiple-choice questions and a 35-minute writing sampleFor aspiring law school students, LSAT For Dummies is the most advantageous guide to increasing your score on a test that can make or break your legal aspirations.

February 14, 2014

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