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  • Released: March 30, 2009
  • Sold by: Johny Wiley & Sons, Inc.
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  • ISBN-13: 9780470504536

Ning is a cool, free social networking platform, and you can learn how to use Ning quickly and easily with Ning For Dummies. If you have a cause to promote or a passion about a topic, here’s how to explore existing networks and interact with others who share your obsession, as well as how to start one of your own.Begin by joining other networks and participating in groups. Then you’ll find out how to create your own social network, develop your profile, customize your network’s look and feel, set up privacy controls, oversee participation, and manage all the details.Investigate existing networks, see how to join private networks, and manage your profile for privacyAdd photos, videos, and music files to existing networksDiscover the comment wall, rate items from members, moderate comments on your blog, and respond to eventsStart a discussion, invite people to an event, or create a groupSet up your network, decide if it should be public or private, research the competition, and find your nicheChoose a good Web address and learn to monitor traffic with Google AnalyticsGive your main page character with custom widgets and personalized featuresNing is fun, easy, and free. Ning For Dummies shows you how to plan your network so it stands out from the crowd, manage interaction, include multimedia, and more!

Released: March 30, 2009

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