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    February 18, 2009
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New tools have made it easier to create a podcast. The second edition of Podcasting For Dummies shows you how you can create and distribute your own online recordings using tools you already have. This edition also covers what you need to build a top-notch podcasting studio. Expert podcasters Tee Morris and Evo Terra are joined on this edition by a fellow podcasting guru, Chuck Tomasi, to walk you through recording, editing, posting, and promoting a podcast. Chapters cover: Choosing a topic that fits your expertise Writing an outline or script for your podcast Turning your existing computer into a desktop podcasting studio Picking the microphone, headphones, and audio editing software that best suit your needs Upgrading to pro-level podcasting equipment Conducting interviews and recording an interview subject who’s not in the room with you Navigating the XML code you need to share your podcast Finding a place to host your podcast online Promoting your podcasts in the blogosphere, online discussion groups, and social networking sites Seeking out sponsors, advertising, and subscriptions to make your podcast pay Creating podcasts designed to promote a business

February 18, 2009

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by Tee Morris, Chuck Tomasi, Evo Terra, Kreg Steppe

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