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Are you putting your best foot forward in meetings? Are you connecting with the right people at functions? Throughout your life, you will find yourself in situations where professional networking will help you get to where you want to go. Whatever your strengths or weaknesses are, you can always improve your networking skills, and Professional Networking For Dummies can show you how.Whether you feel ineffective at connecting with others or just want to become a better networker than you are today, Professional Networking For Dummies can help you develop great people skills.Professional Networking For Dummies explores the essential techniques of networking to get you meeting and greeting in no time. It will help you get into the networking mindset and avoid such self-defeating traps as expecting immediate returns or turning off new potential colleagues. You’ll also discover how to overcome inhibitions, make small talk, and meet new contacts. Plus, you ’ll find special information on networking tools and technology, such as networking clubs, using voice and e-mail, Internet networking, and more.Through these pages you’ll find out how to:Maximize your relationshipsExpand your circle of influence through networking eventsNetwork in the corporate world, your community, and in your personal lifeDevelop lifelong career-building habitsBuild and maintain your networkNetworking is a universal principle of giving and receiving—a lifestyle rather than a technique. Professional Networking for Dummies can help you build lasting, powerful relationships, both in and out of the office. From using business cards properly to networking your way into a new job, this friendly guide is your tick to personal and professional success.

May 4, 2011

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