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  • Released: March 16, 2009
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All the tools you need to start and run a profitable B&BDo you dream of owning a B&B? This friendly, practical guide shows you how to make your dream a reality, with expert advice on everything from writing a business plan and finding the right location to handling situations you will encounter as an innkeeper. You'll make your guests feel at home, keep your inn in tip-top shape, and ensure your long-term success! Understand B&B basics — get an overview of the business and see if you have the skills (and the desire!) to succeed Find a place to call home — choose the location, style, and size of your ideal B&B Transition from visitor to owner — create your business plan, secure financing, make an offer, and protect your investment Get ready for your guests — organize your recordkeeping, set room rates and policies, furnish your inn, and market your services Set the breakfast scene — decide the style of breakfast to offer, accommodate guests' needs and restrictions, create signature dishes, and serve refreshments and snacks Handle day-to-day operations — take reservations, make your guests feel welcome, hire employees, and maintain your inn Take your business to the next level — assess your success, expand your market, increase profit, and prevent burnoutOpen the book and find: How to transition an existing B&B or start from scratch The biggest problems new B&Bs encounter — and how to avoid them The best ways to furnish your inn Tips for saving time cleaning and preparing breakfast What you must know to design and update your Web site Tried-and-tested sample menus and recipes Ways to guarantee a return guest How to get extra help when you need it

Released: March 16, 2009

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