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Want to get in touch with your spiritual side? Spirituality For Dummies. 2nd Edition, shows you how to use spiritual principles to understand and improve your life, empower you mind, and nourish your soul. Complete with a CD filled with calming, spiritual music, it is your personal guide to serenity and spiritual healing.Spiritual philosopher Sharon Janis shows you how to discover the deeper calling of your soul, survive and thrive through adversity, and look at the world with optimism. You’ll learn how to use meditation, yoga, prayer, and journaling for inward reflection and to spark new vistas as you unfold your own spiritual wisdom and move forward on your spiritual journey in your own individual way. You’ll find similarities and differences among a variety basic spiritual concepts from different religious and philosophical traditions, and you’ll discover how to:Find your spiritual pathUplift your body, mind, and spiritFulfill your greatest dreamsSpiritualize your relationshipsCultivate your spiritual virtuesIncrease your inner peace and happinessTurn troubles into triumphsRecognize yourself as a co-creatorBe a VIP: a very inspired personThe companion CD that accompanies this gentle guide brings you more than 60 minutes of inspirational music from around the world. It features the author and other artists performing songs and chants from Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, and Hindu traditions in their native languages.Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.

February 8, 2011

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