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  • Released: October 22, 2009
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Learn:The basic concepts of this controversial theoryHow string theory builds on physics conceptsThe different viewpoints in the fieldString theory's physical implicationsYour plain-English guide to this complex scientific theoryString theory is one of the most complicated sciences being explored today. Not to worry though! This informative guide clearly explains the basics of this hot topic, discusses the theory's hypotheses and predictions, and explores its curious implications. It also presents the critical viewpoints in opposition to string theory so you can draw your own conclusions.Understand the "theory of everything" — grasp the key concepts and importance of the theory, and learn why scientists are so excited about finding a theory of quantum gravityIt all comes down to physics — discover how string theory is built upon the major scientific developments of the early 20th centuryBuilding the theory — trace the creation and development of string theory, discover its predictions, and see whether accurate conclusions can be madeTake string theory for a spin — explore the core issue of extra dimensions, the implications for cosmology, and how string theory could explain certain properties of our universeBoldly go where no one has gone — see what string theory has to say about possible parallel universes, the origin and fate of our universe, and the potential for time travelHear from the critics — listen in on the heated debates about string theory and weigh the alternatives being offeredOpen the book and find:The questions string theory attempts to answerEasy-to-follow examplesExplanations of Einstein's theory of relativity, quantum theory, and particle physicsThe successes and failures of string theoryFascinating bits of string theory including strings and branesWays that string theory can be testedDiscussions of loop quantum gravity and other possible alternative theories of gravityHow the theory may relate to cosmic mysteries, from the origin of matter to black holes

Released: October 22, 2009

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