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  • Released: January 6, 2009
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So you’re in charge of implementing a VoIP phone system for your organization? VoIP Deployment For Dummies is a crash course in Voice over Internet Protocol implementation!Here’s how to analyze your network and implement a VoIP phone system, manage and maintain it, keep it secure, and troubleshoot problems. You’ll learn how to plan the rollout, work with Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), handle fax issues, and keep your users happy.Understand how VoIP works, common misconceptions about it, and the pros and cons for your organizationCompare and comprehend hardware and software choicesDiscover the options for touch tones and faxing via VoIP systemsAnalyze network devices, IP addresses, connections to remote sites, and other aspects that will affect VoIP implementationDraw up a test plan, check out both voice and fax transmission, get a report, and schedule the installationInvestigate SIP call generation, identify the elements, understand cancelled calls, and re-INVITE callsTroubleshoot your system, identify call variables, trace the source of a problem, manage trouble tickets, and resolve failuresManage latency, jitter, and flap, and take advantage of WiresharkFind out what to expect when your system goes liveWritten by an expert with extensive real-world experience in VoIP implementation and management, VoIP Deployment For Dummies provides the know-how you need. You’ll be able to implement your system and manage any issues proactively, which is sure to look good to your boss!

Released: January 6, 2009

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