Digital Enablement and Innovation in China
The casebook aims at providing the latest case materials for researchers and students who are keen to learn about the consumerization and transformation effects of digital technology.It is one of the first books covering the best practices of digital enablement in China, which has been the focus many observers among the practitioners as well as academics.The 22 projects analyzed include Zhongguancun InnoWay, OFO Bicycle, Esheke, Taobao, and more.Contents:PrefaceAbout the EditorsList of ContributorsChina's Zhongguancun InnoWay: Creation of an Ecosystem for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Wenyu (Derek) Du and Ruijing Zhao)OFO Bicycle: Value of Convenience Added via Sharing Bicycle (Yalin Zheng and Wenyu (Derek) Du)Esheke: The Sharing Platform of Architecture Design Industry (Hai B Hu and Tao Huang)Daji Town, Cao County in Shandong: Rural Areas Transformed by 'Taobao' (Qi Gu, Lili Cui, and Shan L Pan)Random Street Snapshots to Rescue Child Beggars: Micro-Power and Micro-Philanthropy in China (Haiqing Yu)China's Suning: Combining Online and Offline Business Units (Jin-Song Huang and Shan L Pan)China Deng Fei's 'Free Lunch': Experience Economy and Connective Politics (Haiqing Yu)Cardunion, China: Digitization Promotes the Development of Small and Micro-stores (Jia Yi Li and Juan Q Gou)Haier, China: Reshape Logistic Practices for B2C e-Commerce (Jing (Elaine) Chen)e-Bidding: How Internet Transforms a Traditional Company (Hai B Hu, Hai T Lu, and Ling Xu)Red Collar Group: Reforming a Traditional Enterprise with Digitization (Hai B Hu and Tao Huang)China's ShuHai: Digital Transition in the Catering Supply Chain Services (Xin Sun, Jing Xiang, and Juan Q Gou)Kan Zhong Yi: Online and Offline, Dual-Core Powered Mobile Health App (Ning Zhou, Jing (Elaine) Chen, Tingting Hu, and Zhongfeng Qin)Jingle Pocket Pharmacy: Building O2O Micro-ecology of Targeted Medicine Delivery (Hai B Hu, Tao Huang and Hai T Lu)Red Collar Group: The Construction of C2M Intelligent Business Ecosystem (Hai B Hu, Tao Huang, and Shan L Pan)Renhe Group: Digital Exploration of Traditional Pharmaceutical Enterprises (Hai B Hu, Tao Huang and Hai T Lu)Fu Yan Jie e-Commerce: Blossoming From 0 to No 1 (Hai B Hu, Tao Huang, and Hai T Lu)Sunshine Child Rehabilitation Center: Walking on the Road of 'Internet Plus' Social Enterprise (Jian-lin Wu)China's Xugong Construction Machinery Group: IT-enabled Slack Redeployment (Wenyu (Derek) Du and Shan L Pan)Wanhua, China: Cross-pollination for ERP-based Transformation (Jing (Elaine) Chen and Shan L Pan)China's Haier: Adopting e-Commerce in a Large-scale Manufacturing Enterprise (Miao Cui and Xin Li)China's Huangshan 168: 'Internet Plus' Outdoor Adventure (Ning Zhou, Xiaoting Han, Tingting Hu and Chuanxian Han) Readership: Students, researchers and practitioners interested in the digital transformation projects in China.Digital Enablement;Digital Transformation;Innovation in China;Technological Disruption0Key Features:Learn about latest developments in China's digital economyUnderstand the consumerization and transformation effects of digital technologyAccess to in-depth case studies in digital enablement
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