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Google+ For Dummies (eBook)
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  • File Size: 6.08 MB
  • Format: ePUB
  • Publisher: For Dummies
  • Released: November 1, 2011
  • Sold by: Johny Wiley & Sons, Inc.
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9781118181300

A new social network! Here's your user's guide to Google+Google+ is Google's new social network and from day one it has had the social media world abuzz with excitement. Early fans claim it's easier to use than Facebook and Twitter and has a wealth of creative new features. If you want to learn how to navigate this new social neighborhood, take along Google+ For Dummies as your guide. Early Google+ adopter and social media consultant Jesse Stay shows you how to get started, create a profile, set up privacy settings, chat, post, control who sees what, and much more.Explains how to join Google+, protect your information, and make the most of this new social networkExplores cool new features, such as Circles, which allows you to drag and drop friends into different circles Covers creating a profile, finding friends, adding people to Circles, chatting with others in Hangouts, importing photos, controlling who sees what, and moreConveys helpful information in the clear, friendly, easy-to-follow language that has defined the Dummies series for two decadesConfidently enter the exciting new Google+ social neighborhood with Google+ For Dummies.

Released: November 1, 2011

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by Jesse Stay

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