This inspiring book presents the concept of a heartprint -- the distinctive impression that an educator's heart leaves on students and colleagues during his or her professional career. For teachers, understand how teacher motivation, teacher-student relationships, and collaborative teaching all affect your self-efficacy, career, and professional development. For school leaders and administrators, discover your impact on staff, students, and school culture as you progress in your career and gain perspective on creating sustainable change.Examine the 5 HEART aspects of your professional life: Happiness: a passion for teaching, a purpose, and a desire to positively impact educationEngagement: teacher motivation, energy, and effort necessary to impact student learningAlliances: relationships, collaborative teaching, and teacher supportRisk: vision-focused risk taking to create sustainable change in schoolsThought: the knowledge and professional development integral to advancing your careerDiscover Your Answer to the Question "Why Teach" and Advance Your Career in Education:Reflect on your journey and the personal and professional qualities of the teacher or leader you want to be.Discover your distinctive heartprint on your students and colleagues, and decide what the qualities of a good teacher are for you.Gain personal development plan ideas and inspirational insights from Dr. Kanold as well as dozens of thought leaders and researchers.Connect your professional life to each chapter and reconnect to the emotion, passion, energy, growth, and collaborative intimacy expected when joining the teaching profession.Build collective teacher efficacy and academic optimism by using the resource as a book study for professional development.Contents:Part 1: H Is for HappinessChapter 1: The Happiness DilemmaChapter 2: The Happiness-Passion ConnectionChapter 3: What's Love Got to Do With It?Chapter 4: Got Compassion? Check!Chapter 5: Wanted--Persons of Positive Character and HopeChapter 6: The Joy-Gratitude-Stability ConnectionChapter 7: Why Should We Weep?Final Thoughts: The World Happiness ReportPart 2: E Is for EngagementChapter 8: Gallup Says--Full Engagement Not AheadChapter 9: Getting Engaged!Chapter 10: It's Energy, Not TimeChapter 11: Name That Energy QuadrantChapter 12: Avoid the Quadrant III DriftChapter 13: Quadrant II Time RequiredChapter 14: Grit--Deliberate Daily PracticeFinal Thoughts: The MTXE PerspectivePart 3: A Is for AlliancesChapter 15: The Primary Purposes of CollaborationChapter 16: PLCs--Serving the Greater GoodChapter 17: Oh, the Inequity Places We'll Go!Chapter 18: Reduce Our Professional NoiseChapter 19: Relational Intelligence RequiredChapter 20: What Are Those Black Boxes?Chapter 21: Celebration--Making Above and Beyond the Norm the NormFinal Thoughts: Why Helping Others Drives Our SuccessPart 4: R Is for RiskChapter 22: What's in a Goal?Chapter 23: Shared Purpose--Each and Every Child Can LearnChapter 24: Results or Persons?Chapter 25: The Risk-Vision DependencyChapter 26: Build Trust the Millennial WayChapter 27: Fixed or Growth Mindset?Chapter 28: Warning--Entropy Ahead!Final Thoughts: A Sense of UrgencyPart 5: T Is for ThoughtChapter 29: Your Great Adventure!Chapter 30: Your Voice of WisdomChapter 31: Clean Up the ClimateChapter 32: Become a Feedback FanaticChapter 33: Yours, Mine, and OursFinal Thoughts: Hold the Mayo!
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