Like old Times
When Jean and Dinah’s husbands go to Asia for a week on business. Jean decides she wants to play. But her plans fall through when she learns the hot guy she has in mind is gay. At the gym, Dinah offers her another option. Dinah used to be a biker chick, and her old boyfriend just got out of jail. He’s ready to pick up where they left off — banging Dinah. He’s got friends, and there’s no reason for Jean to be left out, if she is willing to play their rough games.~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~Most of the men working out in the gym turned to watch the two women heading into to the locker room after their workout. They were tired and sweaty, but Jean knew their efforts made them look hot and these were guys who appreciated fit women. It was a shame that looking hot didn’t seem to be enough. The men who went to the gym didn’t seem to be interested in doing more than looking.As they undressed, Dinah turned to smile at her friend. “Have you figured out how are you planning to spend your time while the guys are in Singapore?”“No. I don’t have any idea.”“I hope you don't intend to sit alone at home? When the husband is away…”Jean grinned sheepishly. “Well, that depends. I did have plans…”“Evil intentions, I hope.”She sighed. “Naughty intentions that don't seem to be working out.” She bit her lip. Part of her wanted to cry and another part wanted to laugh at herself.“What happened?”“You know that Bill keeps tabs on me.”“And that you are getting restless. You need to act.”“It isn’t that simple.”“Why not?”Again, Jean sighed, thinking about her bad luck. “I finally worked up the nerve to do something, to get some excitement in my life, but… I met a hot guy. When I knew about this trip, I screwed up my courage and let him know I was willing and available. I hoped to spend the week having him screwing my brains out.”“That sounds good to me.”“He turned out to be seriously gay.” She shook her head. “I should have guessed. He is too dreamy and has been too nice. When I came onto him, he was embarrassed that he might’ve led me on. The bastard actually apologized for not being interested.”“You aren’t talking about the new trainer in the weight room, are you? Did you try to hook up with Greg, he of the gorgeous sculpted body and beautiful smile?”Jean nodded. “That’s the one.”As she watched Dinah stripped to shower, Jean found herself wondering again about the curious scorpion tattoo on Dinah's thigh. It was an intimate tattoo, filling the space from her crotch to her hip. That tattoo never fit in with Jean's image of Dinah as the trophy wife of a much older man. Her husband, Charles, owned the company that her own husband, Bill, worked for. Charles was too conservative to appreciate a tattoo on his attractive wife, especially one that would draw attention to her when she wore a bikini. “How did you know it was him?”Dinah laughed. “I took a guess. I thought I saw a look of disappointment look on your face when you left your private session with him.”“So now I’m screwed the wrong way.”“Don’t feel bad… One reason I could it was him, is because I hit on him the week he started here.” She laughed again as if the memory appealed to her. “He very politely let me know that while I was an attractive woman, women did not light his fire. He even showed me a picture of his boyfriend, and he’s hot too. I asked Greg if there was a possibility either of them was bi. But no joy.”
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