Rough Lovers 1 - 3
In these three steamy short stories, innocent young women want to be humiliated and punished. Luckily for them, there are strong alpha men more than willing to fulfill their every perverse desire. This bundle includes:Rough Lovers 1: Edge of ShameWhen Addie admits her deepest, darkest fantasies to her husband, she doesn't expect him to make them come true. The inexperience young woman doesn't just want multiple male lovers in her bed, she wants them to be rough and more than a little violent. She wants to be tied down and used until she begs them to stop, only for them to continue despite her protests until she cries out her safeword.Rough Lovers 2: Taste of PainNewly-married Marie and her husband Dom wants her first time to be very special, but Marie doesn't know how perverse it is going to be until the night arrives and she finds herself fearfully looking for an intruder in her own home.The powerful alpha male she marries isn't just rough, he's downright violent, using ropes, whips and other instruments to bring her to the edge of shame and beyond, and she's loving every second of it...Rough Lovers 3: Purely BusinessAllie knows she's in trouble when she is suddenly standing in front of a crowd of strangers and finds herself overcame with the urge to start undressing.Desperate for money, Allie volunteers as a willing participant for an act led by a mysterious stranger. The money is everything she has ever dreamed of and more, but it sounded just a little too good to be true.Not only is she is touched in ways nobody has ever touched her before, she is taken to realms of pleasure that she didn't even know existed. The things he does to her innocent body in full view of the strangers are downright humiliating, but she can't walk away. All she can do is surrender and submit.~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~"I have... something to confess," he said, clenching his hand to fists as we sat side by side on the bed.It was not the first time on his bed, but it was the first time that we were going to bring things to the next level. "Something fun?" I teased, trying to lighten the mood.He didn't even crack a smile. "It's been a while since I took a woman to bed," he said.I stared at him for a moment and tried to imagine him in bed. I'd felt the muscles under his shirt. "Why?" I asked, willing my mind to stop straying to imagining him naked. Too late. He was so incredibly hot."I had- have kinks. I just... if you ever find that I'm being too rough, you just need to let me know," he said.My heart skipped a beat. I couldn't bring myself to look him in the eye. "What kind of fetishes?" I asked, my voice barely a whisper."Domination... humiliation... rough sex..." My eyes grew bigger at the end of each word.He looked like he regretted the words that came out of his mouth the moment he said it. Excitement bubbled up in my stomach, through my esophagus and I felt my throat tighten painfully.My husband - how weird and satisfying it was to say that, even in my head - stayed completely silent."Look," he said, as if trying to backpedal. There was a slight shake to his voice that I found completely endearing. He may look like he could break a person in two with his bare hands, but behind closed doors, he was the gentlest man I knew. I had been so wrong about him. "We don't have to- I mean. Forget I said anything..."I could kick myself. My hand slid over his and I looked at him, the desperate need in my belly wriggling back from deep slumber, where I had hidden it for the longest time."I just- I'm sorry I said anything," he said abruptly. "Pretend this conversation never happened.""No," I blurted louder than I intended."No?""Are- are you serious?" I stuttered. "About what you want in bed?"He nodded. There was only truth in his gaze when I looked at him. Truth and a desperate fear that he had frightened me off."I want what you want," I blurted before he could backpedal even more, recognizing that this was my one chance to have what I wanted.
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ISBN: 9780463231906
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