The Sandmann's Journal
The Sandmann's Journal Vol. 4 widens the scheme of my Hiphop KruZade. If you've read volumes 1, 2, & 3, you know what we're talking about. The Sandmann is giving his reaction to how the world works today. You are reading the fourth volume of the journal, and there are usual topics like how the Hip Hop music Kulture has changed. My lament is on how this generation does not seem to care about their heritage or the impact of the new values that they encourage. In this journal, you are following an old school Hip Hop emcee as he documents his views on the changes that have taken place in this world. Since our ancestors relied on the former system of Abrahamic doctrine, you will notice that the Indiana Senate bill was also a big deal in my opinion. Now, check this out. The change difference in generational mentalities is not only in Hip Hop. It is also present in other areas of society, especially in policy and lawmaking. If you hark back to Volume 1, I described my relocation to Toronto, Canada from Franklin, NJ, USA. It details the process of releasing my first album and book. Of course, I encountered frequent obstacles, but with hard work and determination, I accomplished my goals. Nonetheless, I did not return to the United States afterward. Alternatively, I waited and became a writer. As a result, when you read this volume, you will find some of my observations there. The tolerance for hate was a shock that struck me in Toronto. That's because I had only known people who promote love. It was astonishing to me because before that I was always around people who encourage love. In Toronto, I met some people who talked about hate and used it the same way I had known others to talk about or use love. I remember when someone told me that "hatred was their right." A teacher at a college I attended, said, "Use hatred as your motivation." I've always said Toronto would be perfect if it weren't for that small but influential demographic that encourages hatred directly and unapologetically. That is why you'll find chapters such as "A Lesson on Love," "Ill Observations While Living in Toronto," "Canadian Smokers" and "To Galvanize the Hiphop Kulture in Canada." At the college I mentioned, I took a course in primary paramedic care. Therefore, you should not be flabbergasted when you find chapters on diabetes or emergency services. Since radical feminism was also a culture shock for me, it became a frequent subject in "The Sandmann's Journal." Every time I read an article or experienced the primary aspect of radical feminism, I would write a blog about it. With my research continuing on the subject, I discovered that some men had established the MGTOW movement which stands for "men going their own way." When I learned about it, I was just as surprised as when I first discovered radical feminism.The chapters go back and forth between my favorite Hip Hop emcees at the time, the status of Hip Hop, how does the radical feminist movement and MGTOW affect the relationship between women and men, etc.? What about the contrast of police brutality in the United States or religious education in the West? I then pay tribute to dearly departed legends such as Muhammad Ali and Prince. This volume does not deal with the cultures of African music. Instead, I articulate my influences in literary writing. If you ask me to summarize, Volume 4, I would say that it awakens men to consider that radical feminism is a serious problem and to take appropriate action to solve it. This book is also an awakening for non-radical feminists to see the difference between the two versions of feminist culture. It is also an update of my good and bad experiences in Canada.
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